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     This all started my Junior year of High School when I walked into a skydiving hangar expecting to be hired as a parachute packer. Instead, I was put in the video editing room and I spent every weekend editing 10-20 skydiving videos a day. Fast forward to my graduation trip in Colorado. Armed with the newest GoPro and my new editing skills, I fell in love with documenting my travels and mountain biking adventures. Upon returning to Nashville, I started freelancing for music videos, real estate, and branding films. But none of it was fulfilling.  

     I eventually tried out weddings and fell in love with them after doing my first one! I loved being able to document a once in a lifetime event and put together an emotionally driven film that would only grow more valuable as time went on. Since my first wedding, Several years, and many weddings later, I've only become more proficient in my filming and editing skills as well as digging deeper into each couple's unique story in order to craft a film that is more personalized to them and their personalities. Learning the story of each couple that books with me is probably my favorite part. Hearing how you met, proposed, and the smaller details in between gives me an idea of who you are as a couple and how I can film and edit to match that so that you're given a film you love. 

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Your wedding day is hands down one of the most important days of your lives together! It's my belief that with all the work, planning, money, and time put into it, that you should have a wedding video that beautifully captures it. I want you to have a wedding film that you will be able to show to your children when they ask how their mom and dad fell in love. A wedding film that you can show to your grandchildren when they ask how you were in your younger years (show them those crazy dance moves you broke out). My goal with my wedding films is to create something that will only grow more valuable as time passes on. Your bouquet will dry up, the party will end, and the details will be cleaned up at the end of the night, but photos and video will last forever. The sound of your bridesmaids screaming when they see you in your dress, your lover's letter reading to you as a tear rolls down their face, and your soon-to-be husband's face as he sees you for the first time- these are all moments that can be seen and heard in a film years from now. It's my hope that these will arouse your senses and bring back the nostalgia of that most amazing day of your life...your wedding day.

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