Wild Fern Podcast Interview with Hannah Webb

Hey Hannah, go ahead and introduce yourself to those who don’t know who you are!

Hey, I’m Hannah Webb, and I’m from Feiten Photography. I’ve been doing photography for twelve years and I photographed my first wedding when I was fifteen. I’ve grown up in the industry a lot, so I’ve been doing full-time photography for the last five years. I started in Knoxville and moved here to Nashville, where I’ve been for the previous eight years. I recently was a bride myself on March 13, 2021 and I’m going to talk about what it’s like to be a wedding vendor while planning your own wedding.


I’m interested to hear how much your wedding experience helped you with planning and what you still learned, even as a wedding vendor. Let’s start with what you were super glad that you did on your wedding day!

I’ll say that being at weddings every weekend definitely prepared me for my wedding and I knew what I wanted exactly, or more importantly, how I wanted the day to feel for myself. Wedding days do go by fast. It feels like you plan them forever and then the wedding day is five minutes long, so one thing I did on my wedding day that I liked was not having a wedding party. I had my sister with me in my getting-ready room, and Joseph had his two brothers. I loved how we kept it as small and intentional as possible. So on our wedding morning, it was just me, my sister, and my mom in the hotel room, so it was very relaxed. Sometimes, with weddings, things build up to the ceremony and can be really stressful. It’s not uncommon that everyone’s getting their hair and makeup done, people are asking you questions, etc., but I literally had the most chill morning in my life on my wedding day. Chiller than a regular day, so I’m really glad that we really didn’t do a wedding party. I still feel like I got time with my girls because they came in to pray with me before the ceremony and I still had some of my friends sit with us at dinner, so it wasn’t just Joeseph and I up there. The other thing that I’m glad we did was create a smaller guest list so that we could have intentional conversations with everyone and be fully present. It’s important to me that I wasn’t talking the whole reception and saying hi to three hundred people there. We chose to do the wedding our way, so we just basically invited people that would have been bridesmaids and groomsmen, their significant others, and then our immediate family. Even with me being as intentional as we could, our wedding day still flew by. Still, I am happy that we did a smaller guest count. Also, with the cocktail hour being indoor/outdoor, we could sit outside by the fire under the string lights with some of the guests while others were able to mingle inside. I loved it. Another thing I’m glad we did was hiring a wedding planner. Being in the wedding industry or not, if you don’t hire a planner, then everyone’s going to you on your wedding day asking you all these decisions. After my wedding, I learned there were a ton of logistics that Alex of Wester House weddings had to deal with on the wedding day. However, I never knew about them and I was able to be happy and present, so a wedding planner is an excellent investment for any bride reading this.


Is there anything you would’ve done differently on your wedding day?

I think the two main things I would go back and change would be our reception. We originally planned for an outdoor/rooftop vibe, but because there was a thirty percent chance of rain, we ended up switching to the ballroom inside and it ended up sprinkling for only five minutes or so. The ballroom was not the vibe I wanted for our reception, so I feel like going back, I would have stuck to what I thought and if it rained, you know people will get wet and live. My photos were already done, so I wouldn’t have cared much about my hair or makeup. I also wish I had planned an after-party or meet-up spot because everyone scattered downtown after the reception ended at 10pm, and everyone ended up all over the city since there was no coordination. I wish I would have been like, “Hey, we’re all going to Acme” or something.


So you’re waking up the following day and looking back on the weekend; what was your favorite moment?

It’s hard to pick a favorite moment, honestly, but I feel like I have a few “core memories,” such as the morning of the wedding. The first thing we did when Joseph and I woke up walked together to get coffee. We had like an hour of talking, praying, and being present on our wedding day. It was my favorite part because I felt like we could connect with each other and soak in the significance of the day and the covenant we were making with each other. I’m just really happy I did that, and I feel like I don’t hear about a lot of people doing that. Still, I’m all about doing your wedding day however you want to, and for us, alone time was important, so we did that. We also did a first look to extend our time together. So I’m just really happy that we were present with each other on our wedding day because it’s easy to just see each other, talk to a lot of people, leave, and then you’re like “well, what happened” but we were able to really experience the day with each other. I also did a first look with my dad. I wasn’t really expecting anything because we’re not a crying family. He just lost it, so then I lost it, and it was just a very emotional moment on our wedding day.


What would be your biggest tip for a bride in the wedding planning season of her life?

I would say the most important thing is to do your wedding your way. If you’re not someone who likes to dance, maybe just do a lounge-style reception. If you are someone who wants to have three hundred people and tear up the dance floor, do that! Just do your wedding the way you want and don’t feel pressured by other people or because you’ve seen others do it that way. My biggest tip is to express and celebrate your love how you want to. I would also be sure to hire vendors you trust because I hired a planner, DJ, florist, photographer, etc., and trusting them allowed me to be more present on my wedding day and not worry about any of those things.


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View Hannah’s wedding vendors below:

Hair & Makeup: One10 Beauty

Planning & Florals: Westerhouse Weddings

Photography: Allie Chambers

Venue: Kimpton Aertson

Dress: BHLDN

Suit: Banana Republic

Rings: Genesis Diamonds

DJ: Nashville Party Authority