What is an Heirloom Wedding Film?

January 25, 2020

By now, you have probably seen/heard me mention the phrase “Heirloom Wedding Film.” It might have been on my homepage, InstagramFacebook, or you saw a Wild Fern Weddings ad. Either way, you want to know what it is and the value it holds.

The Importance of an Heirloom Wedding Film

Did you ever watch your parent’s wedding film? What about your grandparent’s wedding film? If not, would you want to watch it today if you had easy access to it? Would you want to be able to look back on them in their younger days to see where their story (which they eventually bring you into) started? How awesome would it be to see their closest friends and family celebrating such an important day with them? You may see your great-grandparents who you heard so much about but unfortunately passed before you could meet or remember them. You may see some of the coolest dance moves ever from your grandma’s younger self. After watching their film, you may have a totally new and deeper understanding of them. All from watching a 10-minute film of their wedding day!

An Heirloom Wedding Film is designed to do that. I want future generations of your family to watch it and understand who you are today and how that ties into your story. I want to show your awesome dancing off, your partner’s reaction to seeing you in your dress for the first time, the speech that your parents waited your whole life to give, and your best friend’s first-hand account of that crazy story that you share together. These are just a few moments that could be included in the film, and it’s not just the wedding day moments themselves. I LOVEEEE to use older footage such as Instagram videos, Snapchats, FaceTimes, phone footage, and especially home footage from when you were children. Tying these in works wonders in evoking emotion. In Hannah & Jordan’s film, for example, I used some phone footage from her and Jordan while she talks about certain moments during her letter reading. I also used Instagram footage from her and her best friend’s adventures while she talks about how close they became over the years. It’s not only the audio that tells that story, but the video from those key moments adds so much to it. Using these raw moments also creates a nice balance to the more cinematic clips.

Imagine now, showing your son, daughter, or grandchildren this film. See how much they could learn about you and how awesome it’d be to hear these stories or see those moments that were such a key part of your life! Have you ever watched old home videos with anyone and noticed how their face lights up and the laughter that fills a room when moments from so long ago are relived on the tv screen? How awesome would it be to have that for your wedding? This isn’t the only purpose of the film either. These moments can evoke the same emotion and nostalgia in you when you watch them 5, 15, or 30 years from now. Filming and editing in this style DOES NOT distract from your wedding story either. I still capture your wedding day to document it. I just add these key moments and format them to tell your story as well.

What’s Your Unique Story?

Each of my couples have a unique love story. Maybe it’s how they met, how they proposed, what they do in their free time to become closer, or something else entirely. THEY HAVE A STORY, and it’s my desire and passion to tell it. What is a unique trait of your story? Leave a comment below!