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April 12, 2021

When it comes to hiring vendors for your wedding day, a Nashville Wedding Painter can be an AMAZING choice! I had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca and her husband while second shooting for a friend of mine. I was blown away by the quality and aesthetics of Rebecca’s painting style. I’ve seen several live painters before at weddings, corporate events, etc., but Rebecca has a distinct fine art style. I believe her work sets her apart from many other painters.

Tell me a little about yourself and how long you’ve been a Nashville Wedding Painter.

Hey! My name is Rebecca Hunter. I’m a full time artist and designer living and working from my home studio in Nashville. I have been painting professionally since 2015. I started live painting weddings in 2017 and love love love what I do!

What medium do you use?

I am an avid oil painter!

Who or what influences your style?

I would say art-wise: I’m very influenced by the abstract expressionist movement as well as more classic impressionist work and mark-making. I also just love to pay attention to the outside world and what is pulling my attention and catching my eye. I try to paint what feels right in the moment and keep things loose and gestural without feeling too messy. This goes for my live painting work I do at events and the more abstract work I do in studio.

How long are you typically at a wedding or elopement?

I usually show up anywhere from 3-5 hours before guests arrive. It really depends on what the venue allows and how long the event is scheduled for. If I’m booked for a ceremony painting I tend to show up as early as I can. Ceremonies tend to be really short! So I get as much in beforehand as I can. I usually finish things up in my studio afterwards; it is rare that I can complete a whole painting while at the event, but I get pretty darn close!

Where do typically set up at weddings to paint?

For a ceremony painting I’m typically stationed somewhere in the back. Usually situated on the back left or right of the ceremony guest seating and about 20-40 feet behind the last row of chairs. I like to be able to see everything and not be in the way. It’s also fun to find a spot where guests will be able to get a peek while they find their seats for the ceremony.

Receptions tend to be more of a toss up. I usually work with the bride or wedding planner on what placement is best. I ask for a reception layout so I can make sure I’ve got a good vantage point of the space and am out of the way of other vendors, the DJ, catering, and all of that.

I also love doing venue or “first-look” paintings. It really depends what the couple envisions for the painting. Some couples want a very specific wedding scene or just the venue if it’s particularly special to them. I’ve loved some of the pieces I’ve gotten to do that have been a bit more scenic!

Do you interact with guests while you’re painting?

I do! Lots of guests have never seen an artist at work, or some are artists themselves. I tend to get a lot of questions at receptions and “oohs and ahhh”s at ceremonies.

How long until the couple receives their painting?

Oil paint has a pretty slow dry time, and depending on touch ups needed after the wedding, it’s typically somewhere between 3-8 weeks after the wedding!

Do you travel?

Yes, of course I travel! 

Can I commission something if I’m already married?

Yes, I also do commissions from photos. These can be really fun for smaller paintings—even down to a 5×7″ piece can be really sweet to throw in a statement frame, on a shelf, or to give as a gift!

Anything else brides / clients should know when hiring you for live painting?

Yes, it definitely should be noted that we also offer custom float framing for paintings. I think it makes us really unique as a business. I love being able to frame paintings for brides—it really finishes the pieces off well and makes them stand out even more so than unframed. We usually build our frames in natural oak. They have a beautiful modern, sleek feel that meshes with and sets apart the pieces as they hang on your wall!

And one last thing I’d note: I also always give the option for prints to be ordered if any family or friends of the couple are interested in a copy of the painting. This is at the bride’s discretion if she wants to share the order link with anyone! It’s a fun option for parents or grandparents.

What’s your biggest tip to a couple planning their big day?

Hmmm, I would say a few things.

1. Think about special things you can do for your spouse on that day to make it even more personally meaningful. My husband and I both had planned sweet surprises for each other and those moments were some of the most memorable parts of the day for us.

2. Simplicity is key and whatever you are stressing about will fade even if that feels far away at the moment. Your time beyond the wedding day and IN the marriage is the sweetest part.

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