Should I Hire a Wedding Videographer?

October 9, 2020

If the thought of having a Nashville wedding videographer has even crossed your mind for a minute, it should be on your list of essential must-haves for your wedding day.

The Differences Between Wedding Photography & Wedding Videography

Many couples wonder if they need photography as well as videography. Do you need a wedding cake as well as champagne? You see what I mean. Seriously though, there are many differences between photography and videography and benefits to getting both.

Videography can capture moments and evoke feelings that can’t be achieved from photos alone. There is something special about seeing people talk, sing and dance on film. Whether it’s the quiver of your soon to be husband’s lips as you walk down the aisle, the words spoken during your first look, or the tear rolling down your cheek during your letter reading, video captures so much more of a moment.

The emotion captured on film, the words spoken, and the laughter’s sound is precious and connects us deeply with our feelings and memories from the wedding day. You also get to see many scenes unfold that happened on the day that you, the bride and groom, didn’t see. Brides love seeing the boys getting ready, and grooms love seeing the girls prepare to walk down the aisle. Without video, you don’t get to see these moments in action. It is also nice for couples to see guests enjoying cocktail hour, which you usually miss as you are away having photos taken or changing your outfits.

What Wedding Film Is Right For You?

Your beautiful wedding day flies by in such a happy blur. It is great to have the whole ceremony and speeches caught on video.

I often hear the heartbreaking comment from Nashville newlyweds who say they regret not hiring a videography team to document their best day ever. There is no going back, and it is such a shame to let the opportunity go. I’ve never heard a bride say she wished she had invested in more flowers or wine instead of getting the video. But I do hear couples express how overwhelming grateful they are to have video memories to reflect on and enjoy for the rest of their lives together.

If budget is a factor, some couples will get a short video package to at least cover some of the wedding day with creative and gorgeous cinematography. I have packages ranging from 6 hours all the way to 10 hours, with the option to add more hours of coverage and more deliverables.

You receive a stunning edited video that captures you and your partner’s personalities as well as your love for one another. This film is the version you can easily share online with friends and family, and you can watch it over and over again. Other options include full Ceremony or Speech Films. These are also special even if you save it for special occasions like your wedding anniversary.

I’m a Nashville wedding videographer with a modern, customized, and story-driven style. If you see my work and want to discuss the vision for your wedding film, please reach out and let’s talk soon!