Nashville Wedding Venue & Vendor Recommendations

March 28, 2020

I know how exhausting it can be to go through countless vendors and try to pick the ones that best fit your needs. Without knowing exactly what you’re looking for in a vendor or venue, it’s hard to give you the perfect recommendation. However, here are a few of my favorites to help in your search of the perfect Nashville wedding venue and vendors!


A Nashville wedding venue is probably the first or second choice you make on your list of wedding planning. After all, it is the place your wedding is going to be and will be the backdrop for all your photos and video. Here are a few of my favorites 🙂

The Estate at Cherokee Dock– The Estate has an absolutely beautiful landscape all around it as well as several amazing spots for photo and video inside. Some may not know that this used to be Reba Mcentire’s old house and it’s no wonder she chose this place as her Nashville home. The Estate at Cherokee Dock offers so many things when it comes to booking your wedding that I couldn’t list them all without taking up this whole page. I definitely encourage you to go to their website and see all that they have to offer!

Wedding ceremony location at The Estate at Cherokee Dock

Screengrabs from 2019 Wedding Reel

The Cordelle– The Cordelle is one of my favorites for several reasons! Whether it’s the BEAUTIFUL natural light in the upstairs bridal suite or the always-green lawn lined with evergreen trees, this venue looks amazing year-round. If the outside greenery and trees aren’t your style, no problem! Right around the corner is the overpass that goes over the interstate as well as the surrounding streets. Both of these have a very urban vibe to them.

Wedding couple posing at The Cordelle in Nashville, TN

Screengrabs from Alex & Tc’s Highlight Film

East Ivy Mansion– For an upscale vibe with a pool, well-manicured garden, and mansion, I recommend East Ivy Mansion. The lawn has a gorgeous area for outdoor ceremonies and the garden has everything you can ask for in a portrait session. The mansion has plenty of space for both a large bridal party as well as family and friends. When reception time rolls around, you can party with your loved ones on the patio that surrounds the pool.

Bride and Groom kissing at East Ivy Mansion wedding in Nashville, TN

Screengrabs from Mike & Leslie’s Highlight Film

Long Hollow Gardens– Long Hollow Gardens provides beautiful “seasonless” weddings. Whether it’s an outdoor ceremony during the Spring/Fall or a greenhouse wedding in the winter, you’re sure to be able to have a wedding full of luscious plants and vegetation. John & Olivia’s wedding was in December and you wouldn’t even know it with all the greenery around them and their loved ones. There is also an entire house on the property for the bridal party to get ready in and it, too, is surrounded by lots of vegetation to create a sense of liveliness.

Wedding couple dancing in the greenhouse at Long Hollow Gardens  in Gallatin, TN

Screengrabs from John & Olivia’s Highlight Film


     Wedding planners can be a saving grace on your big day! Imagine being able to relax with your friends and family while someone else takes care of any hiccups and makes sure everyone sticks to the schedule. I can hands down say that wedding planners are one of the best investments you can make on your big day if you don’t want to personally have to leave your bridal suite to find out why people are running behind schedule or something isn’t done yet. Here are a few wedding planners I’ve worked with that did an amazing job!

Christina Logan Events– Christina was the wedding planner for Mike & Leslie’s wedding at East Ivy Mansion and did an awesome job! The day went by smoothly and on schedule. If anything came up to even hint at ruining that, Christina was quick to solve it. Not only was she great at keeping things keeping everything running smoothly, but she was also extremely nice to all  the vendors and, even though she was a stranger at the time, it was like working with a friend.

Nashville wedding planner Christina Logan from Christina Logan Events
Christina Logan

The New Eclectic– Alex and Izzi are amazing to work with as well. As soon as I walked in at Alex & Tc’s wedding at The Cordelle, they were quick to introduce themselves and let me know that if I needed anything, they were there to help. The whole entire day, they were making sure things were getting done right and on time. Whether it was figuring out the lighting situation for speeches or making sure the lawn was set up PERFECTLY for the ceremony, they were on it and keeping things rolling.

Nashville wedding planners Izzi and Alex from The New Eclectic
Izzi & Alex
The New Eclectic


     There is this belief that photographers and videographers may not get along due to fighting for shots with the couple or getting in each other’s way. I want to point out that as long as you’re hiring mature adults, then neither of them should have any issues with each other and I personally haven’t had any issues with this since I communicate with them and ask how I can be sure not to intrude on their shots. Before the wedding day, I will typically reach out on Instagram and introduce myself and ask what issues they’ve had with videographers in the past. This helps me understand their workflow and make sure I don’t become one of those videographers! On the wedding day, we’ll go over the timeline and what shots we both need as well as where we will be standing in certain moments like the ceremony, speeches, and first dance. All of this helps ensure that we work together flawlessly and we both give the couple the best possible images and films. Here are some of my favorite photographers to work with 🙂

Riley Gardner– Riley is freaking awesome when it comes to photography and as a person in general. The first time I worked with her was a styled shoot at The Estate at Cherokee Dock and although I followed her work for a while and it was awesome, I had no idea she would be just as awesome! That styled shoot has since led to scheduling 3-4 weddings together, a 10 hour road trip to a Minnesota wedding, and hiring her when my girlfriend and I needed some couples photos.

Matt Adams– Matt is a super kind guy and is great to work with. He is quick to get all the (amazing) shots he needs, makes sure he gives me the time to get what I need, and even assisted in directing a couple while I went outside to get a shot of them dancing in the window of The Cordelle. Not to mention anytime you need to hang the dress really high up for a shot, he can do it since he’s like 6’7″!

Nashville wedding photographer, Matt Adams
Matt Adams

Swak Photography– Carrie is super easy to work with and I can’t name a time that she has blocked one of my shots or not allowed me to get the shots I need. She has even acted as a temporary planner and stepped in during a time that a wedding wasn’t going as scheduled and got things back on track so that the ceremony could still happen on time, all while getting the shots she needed. David Weflen is usually assisting her and has his own company as well. They are both super fun to work with and guaranteed to bust out some moves on the dance floor!

Tennessee wedding photographer, Carrie Smith
Carrie Smith of Swak Photography