In this wedding story, I talk with Jenn of The Wild Bloom about her and Austin’s North Carolina wedding as well as a little bit about their story!



How did you both meet?

We met through Instagram technically. I followed him, and he followed me back and commented “hi” on one of my photos (before DMs). While I was stalking him on FB he simultaneously found me in there and sent me a message to see if I wanted to grab coffee. The rest is history!


What was your first date?

Our first date was grabbing coffee at Global Village in Raleigh


How did your partner propose?

Austin proposed during our anniversary photos in Charleston, SC!


What was the vision for your North Carolina wedding, the style/color/theme? How many guests?

We were going for intimate, intentional, low-key, and fun while surrounded by our immediate family! No color scheme other than some mountains 🙂


Why did you choose your North Carolina wedding venue?

We chose Max Patch Mountain for the view and laid-back vibes!


Describe your wedding ceremony, what made it unique/special?

Our wedding ceremony included our family. Our forever people. People that have our back and will always support and love us no matter the season of life we’re in.


Describe your wedding reception, what made it unique/special?

We had our wedding reception several weeks later and there was so much dancing. I would say the highlight was being able to dance to some of my and my mom’s favorite Latin songs. It was a beautiful merging of families and cultures, with so many people from different chapters of our lives in one space.


Describe the wedding flowers used for your floral arrangements.

They were dried flowers that included billy balls. A punch of yellow which is such a happy color, perfect for a happy day. They are sitting on my nightstand and I love that I can look at them every morning.


What was the inspiration for your wedding dessert or what did you love about it?

We opted out of a wedding cake and went with carrot cake and red velvet cupcakes (our two favorites). We like to compromise or make sure we both get what we want if possible!


What was your favorite part/memory of the day?

Our favorite parts of the wedding day were the ceremony and first look. It was such a special moment! As for our reception, it was ALL of our guests holding hands and dancing together in one big circle.


What was your first dance song and why?

Our first dance song was Heaven by Kane Brown. We both consider ourselves so lucky to have found the love we did and we don’t take it for granted. This song encapsulates the feelings we have of finding our slice of heaven here on earth.


What is one piece of advice you have for another couple planning their wedding?

Hire Christian for your wedding day! Also, don’t forget why you’re getting married and that this day is about celebrating the foundation you have and will build upon. Everything else doesn’t matter!


The vendor team that made it all possible!

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