How to Choose the Right Wedding Videographer

March 27, 2020

    You’re planning your once in a lifetime moment and you want it captured on video for you to look back on. How do you know whether you’re making the right choice when it comes to picking a wedding videographer? The answer is a little more complicated than a one-sentence answer. It really comes down to these 4 things:            

  • Quality of work
  • Availability
  • Personality
  • Price

The first thing you want to look for is, of course, the quality of work. Before you start your search for a wedding videographer, I suggest throwing some popcorn in the microwave, pouring a glass of wine, and begin scrolling through YouTube & Instagram. Watch a lot of wedding videos! Start to take notes (literally, write them down) about what you love about each film and maybe even what you don’t like. Get a feel for what you’re truly looking for so that you can compare all the local (or not so local) videographers you sift through later to really narrow down your options. A few things to look for are:Exposure (is the dress in the video over exposed and completely white? You paid a lot of money for your dress and you want to see the details in it!), color (are skin tones super orange or saturated? Look for natural looking skin tones), story (is it just a bunch of clips thrown together or is there a story? Do the clips you’re seeing go along with what’s being said in either the song, speeches, or letter readings) audio (soes it sound crackily or can you hear a bunch of background noise), and overall aesthetics(does the video look good as a whole?).

You may not know what you like until you really study some wedding films and ask yourself what you love or hate about them. Maybe you like a shakier documentary style film (Eric Floberg is a master at this!) or maybe you like something smooooth and romantic (White in Revery) You may or may not be able to book them, but you can get a better idea of why you like or dislike their films. This will TREMENDOUSLY help you in your search for YOUR perfect wedding videographer.

Wedding in Nashville, TN
Overexposed (Dress is pure white with little detail)
Nashville, TN wedding photograph
Proper exposure, but excess saturation seen in the orange & red skin tones.

     You’re beginning to get sick on popcorn, you now have a list of everything you’re looking for in a wedding videographer, and a list of a few that you’re looking to hire for your wedding. What next?? INQUIREEE! As soon as you know what you’re looking for and have a few videographers in mind, be sure to inquire through their website. A lot of videographers only take a certain number of weddings a year. This usually helps ensure faster turn around times, more personalized films, and better customer service. This isn’t to say that high volume companies can’t provide those, but you may start to see inconsistencies in their quality factors. By inquiring ASAP, you’re chance of reserving them for your wedding date is drastically higher. The months of August-September and February-April seem to be the busiest times for inquiries, so keep that in mind as well. In your initial email, be sure to state what you love about their work and how it matches what you’re looking for and maybe even name off a few of your favorite films of theirs. This not only makes them happier, but they now have an idea of what your style is and can better explain how they can serve you with their qualities. 

Nashville wedding videographer

     You reached out, they reached back, and so far everything seems to line up in your favor. The next step is to ask to meet or schedule a phone call/FaceTime. Use this as a time to ask any questions that may be easier answered outside of an email. A few questions to ask are: 

  • What are your packages and can you explain them a little more?
  • What is your average turnaround time?
  • What does the whole day look like having you there? How do you go about getting all the shots?
  • Will you pose us or just capture candid moments (this largely comes down to your preference)

     Get a feel for who they are and their personalities. The photographer and videographer are going to likely be around you more than any family member or friend on the wedding day, it’s important you vibe with them. It’s sometimes hard to get your personality and tone across with texts or emails so this is why we recommend meeting in person or FaceTime.

     Ok, the big one. The potentially scary one. The one that determines if you can reserve this perfect videographer for your big day…price. You’ve likely determined a rough estimate of what you’d like to budget for a videographer and this is a good time to evaluate how important a videographer is to you. Some couples can’t imagine not having a wedding film to look back on and relive the best day of their lives. A film that shows a tear rolling down the groom’s cheek as his bride walks down the aisle, or the father of the bride’s voice and speech he waited her whole life to give. These are the moments that will truly be cherished 20,30,40+ years from now. Meanwhile, some couples are ok with having something super simple to just capture key moments and be able to remember them. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH EITHER OF THESE. This is why the first step was to determine what you liked/disliked the most in a wedding, what you HAVE to have in yours, and the difference between styles and quality. With that being said, a higher quality film is almost always going to cost more money than a lower quality film. A lot goes into crafting a high-quality film from thousands of dollars into cameras, audio, lighting, education, taxes, and the many hours behind the computer making sure the color is beautiful, the audio is clean, and it’s a film you’re going to love. This all can add up very quickly and almost always justifies the price you see. You’ve talked to your top 3-5 choices and determined their personalities, quality of work, their answers to the questions above, and their prices. It’s up to you now to determine how all of that reflects the value of their price. Maybe one is a little cheaper than the other, but maybe the cheaper one’s personality didn’t sit well with you and the extra few hundred dollars would be well worth it to have a videographer who seems like they’d be super cool to have around all day. This is really where everything comes down to your values and what you’re looking for. It’s your hard-earned money and you want to make sure that it’s spent well. If you decide that a certain videographer isn’t the right fit for you, be sure to let them know that you’ve gone a different route. This isn’t rude, it just lets them know that the date is availabe and that you are in the capable hands of another professional. 

Remember, there is not A pefect wedding videographer, only YOUR perfect wedding videographer. It’s up to you to find the right fit for what you want in your film. I hope this has helped guide you to making the best decision for yourself and if you have any questions, please reach out to us at!