Firefly Lane Wedding Venue | Dickson, TN | Savannah & AJ

June 8, 2020

Savanna & AJ’s wedding at the Firefly Lane Wedding Venue

Savannah & AJ chose the Firefly Lane wedding venue in Dickson, TN for their beautiful wedding. Between the peaceful woods and the more modern ceremony layout, it was the perfect balance of beauty!

Words From the Bride

How did you both meet? AJ and I were introduced by a family member of mine and a friend of his. They told us about each other, and at the time, we were both just enjoying being single. After a few weeks, we finally connected and started talking, and after our first date, the rest was history!

What was your first date? AJ warned me before our date that he was a kid at heart and that he wanted to take me to do something fun and lighthearted. Having absolutely no clue what he was planning, I happily obliged to whatever he had planned. After the insane nerves of finally meeting face to face were over, we headed out to dinner at a local taco place in Nashville and afterward went to the trampoline park SkyHigh. It was so amazing to just have fun together without the typical pressures of a first date!

How did AJ propose? AJ proposed at Edwin Warner park after convincing me that we were just trying to get our pup some exercise. On the morning of the proposal, we got up like normal and got ready for our hike, but I didn’t have the clothes I needed, so I asked AJ to stop by my house to change. I remember fixing so many slider sandwiches because I was starving, and AJ told me he wasn’t hungry, which I thought was weird. When we finally got to the park, I knew he was acting a little odd. I even thought to myself how perfect it would be (like I had done many other times prior) for it to happen here in the woods with just us and our dog. Little did I know about a mile or so into our hike, he was preparing himself to ask me to marry him.

I had stopped to put my hair up into a ponytail, and while I was flipped over, he kept on walking. When I flipped back up, I saw him up ahead looking down and immediately told myself not to freak out; he is probably just texting someone. But then he turned around and was not looking at his phone. He dropped to his knee with the most beautiful ring in his hands and asked me to spend my life with him. It was the sweetest, most precious moment with just us two and our dog. Absolutely no one was around, and I’ll cherish it forever.

What was the vision for your wedding, the style/color/theme? How many guests? Our vision for the wedding was a little bit boho and a little rustic, which is honestly a complete blend of our two styles. Our colors were navy, burgundy, and dark teal. Everything was jewel-toned, and I’ll never forget how well all the colors went with the fall leaves outside. We had around 180-200 guests.

Why did you choose your wedding venue? We chose our wedding venue because we felt that it was the perfect blend of our styles. We liked that it wasn’t too far from our home and our families, but Firefly Lane just really captured us with how magical and secluded it felt even without all of the decor. It just felt right! (And was actually the only place we looked)

Describe your ceremony, what made it unique/special? Our ceremony was outside behind the barn and was surrounded by the beautiful fall colors. While it was frigid outside, our ceremony was so incredibly special because it just felt like it was just us two and no one else in the world. Even though all eyes were on us, we will never forget that feeling of staring into each other’s eyes and committing our lives to one another.

Another thing about our ceremony that was so special is that our pastor had actually spoken to multiple of our family members to ask them various questions before the wedding day. We wanted our ceremony to encompass things we love, and we knew that we wouldn’t be standing where we were without our friends and family surrounding us, so having their words be apart of the ceremony was so important to us!

Describe your reception, what made it unique/special? Aside from smiling and laughing our way through the day together, our reception was special to us because AJ and I just simply love our people. We danced, talked, and laughed the night away, and it was genuinely the most fun night EVER.

Describe the flowers used for your floral arrangements. When deciding what florals I was going to choose, I told my florist that I want it to be chic/boho but also something that looks like she just picked it straight out of the fields! We had various vases and votives on each table that I had collected the year before our wedding. Each table had different florals with pops of color and greenery. It was dreamy and everything I could’ve dreamed it would be.

For our arbor, we had a magnolia leaf installation that was so beautiful outside during that time of year!

What was the inspiration for your wedding cake, or what did you love about it? Our inspiration for our cake was again the perfect mix of rustic and boho. We knew we loved the look of a naked cake. So we did that with a chocolate drizzle and some gold foil! Aside from the fact that it tasted AMAZING, we just loved that it represented us both! (And we also had a million and one donuts)

Describe the favors for your guests and why you chose these.  When looking for favor ideas, AJ and I wanted something that felt personal to us. Anyone who knows us knows how obsessed we are with our miniature dachshund, Max.

We decided that little treat bags from Max to our guests would be so fun since we knew many of our guests were also dog lovers! We made them at home, and they had the phrase, “From our pup to yours- Thanks for sharing this special day with my humans. Love, Maxwell” on them.

We loved how personal these were and that people who took them could give a little treat to their pups at home!

What was your favorite part/memory of the day? As cliche and corny as this might sound, my favorite part of the day was just any time AJ and I were looking at each other. It was a day full of so much laughter and smiling that even thinking about it makes my cheeks hurt. We make each other so happy, and I believe our special day represented that so well! If I had to pick one moment, it would have to be our first look because all of the nerves and everything came to a halt as soon as we saw each other.

What was your first dance song, and why? Our first dance song was Heaven by Brandi Carlisle. We chose this song because it’s the sweetest reminder that we are truly in our own little version of heaven when we are together. This song encompasses the idea that no matter what is going on in life, by holding onto each other, everything will be just fine!

What is one piece of advice you have for another bride trying to plan her wedding? To only choose one thing is so hard! I would say that no matter what during the planning process, take your time! Deadlines have to be made, and things do have to be booked, but treat it less like a list for items to be checked off of and more like making memories along the way. It is so easy to look at planning a big wedding in a stressful light, but just don’t take those little moments for granted and SOAK UP being a bride with your friends and family. But most importantly, soak it up with your fiance. That year of engagement with AJ was the sweetest year because of all of the dreaming that we got to do together about our future. So long story short-Fall into all the little moments, take a breath, and enjoy it!!

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Savannah & AJ’s Wedding Vendors

Ceremony Venue: Firefly Lane Wedding Venue

Coordinator: Inspired Help

Photography: Swak Photography

Videography: Wild Fern Weddings

Florist: Of the Fields Floral Design

Bridal Gown: Rue de Seine

Tuxes: Street Tuxedo

Officiant: George Stull

Stationery: Lettering by Tori

Reception Venue: Firefly Lane Wedding Venue

Linens: Kat’s Creations Weddings & Events

Caterer: Blue Coast Burrito

Band/DJ: Wade Evans

Cake Artist: Megalicious Cakes