Wild Fern Weddings 2

What is the Wild Fern Experience?


For the couples who value connection with each other, live intentionally, and cherish memories

Your wedding videography is an investment. Out of all the elements that make up your wedding day, your film (and photos) will last the longest. It will be a keepsake that you look back on 30 years from now, an heirloom that may show your grandchildren the family and friends no longer with you, and a vessel that encapsulates your wedding day along with moments from it. Moments such as encouraging words from those friends and family, the raw moment with a grandparent or loved one, the sound of a parent's voice as they tell you how proud they are of you, and so many more. These are moments that will only be cherished more and more as time passes by when you wish you could go back, back to that day where you're surrounded by the ones you love most in life and where this chapter in your lives together began. This is a once in a lifetime event, a once in a lifetime investment.

How I translate this into my filming & editing style




Real, not replicated

Story, not staging

Prompts, not posing

Your story organically told through candid moments together, home videos, Instagram stories, and other non-staged elements.

Less "stand here, do this" and more "take a moment and tell each other 3 things you're excited to experience in your future together".

You are you, and I want to show that through filming + editing with a mindset of "who are you and what's important to you".

How Does This All Work?

The Process of Learning WHo You Are ANd Crafting A Film ARound THat

“Christian takes time to understand what the couple values most within the wedding for the purpose of the video but also gets to know the couple apart from the wedding! Our video leaves me in tears and is not just a cheesy wedding highlight reel, it shows the story and progression of the day in the best way!”

- Carly & Cory

"not just a cheesy wedding highlight reel"