Showing up to Mike & Leslie’s wedding at East Ivy Mansion was jaw-dropping. From the elegant venue to the details arranged by Christina (Christina Logan Design), it was BEAUTIFUL! Whether it was the manicured garden or the mansion itself, there were plenty of beautiful areas to capture photos and video. View East Ivy Mansion’s website here.

Words From the Couple

How did you both meet?

Tinder. #swiperight #superliketolove

What was your first date?

Our first date was going out to dinner (super original). Mike picked me up at my apartment and we had dinner at Prima (now STK). Mike knew that she was the one because she reached across the table, mid-sentence, and took a piece of broccoli right off his plate without asking. Right then he knew she was comfortable with him and he knew she would make a perfect companion. It took Leslie a few more meals to get on board, but they talked every day for hours on end and the rest was history. I (Leslie) might have kinda dodged a kiss at the end of the night because I wasn’t sure how human someone who didn’t drink caffeine was.

How did Mike propose?

We both blacked it out and neither remember what he actually said, but apparently, he did ask me to marry him, and apparently, I said yes.

We/I planned a trip to London and Paris over the summer. I studied abroad in London and had been to Paris before, so I did most of the planning for the trip. Mike already knew how to follow ‘happy wife, happy life’ and left most of the details up to me. Whenever I asked him if there was any part of the trip he wanted to plan *hint hint* he would just say no, I knew what I was doing and just to tell him where to be and when. At one point though he did ask for our itinerary under the guise of a friend asking him what we were actually doing on the trip.

We landed in London and got to our hotel around noon, but the room wasn’t ready yet. We freshened up in the lobby bathrooms and headed out to lunch. After lunch, we made our way to the planned museum, the Courtauld Gallery. On the way there I asked Mike if we should just go to the British Museum first since it was on the way. He was adamant that we went to the Courtauld Gallery first since it was my favorite. When we were in one of the main rooms of the museum Mike got close to me and started to tell me how much he loved me and how much I meant to him. He got down on one knee and from that point on all I remember is hearing *click, click, click* and thinking OH THIS IS HAPPENING NOW.

Amidst happy tears, I said yes and Mike then introduced me to the photographer he hired that was at the museum waiting for us. We spent the next hour taking pictures outside of the museum and around London laughing and crying the whole time. Shout out to the photographer for having tissues because that was one thing Mike did not prepare for. The best part about proposing on the first day of a vacation is that we got to spend the rest of the trip celebrating! And getting to take ring photos all over London and Paris.

What was the vision for your East Ivy Mansion wedding, the style/color/theme? How many wedding guests?

Mike’s answer, “Whatever Leslie wanted. Just let me know how much it’s gonna cost.” We wanted a spring or a summer wedding, so with getting engaged at the end of June, we started planning immediately when we got home from our trip. We wanted a more modern wedding with classic, timeless colors so we went with light pinks, whites, and greens. That also combined our favorite colors. It’s hard for us to define an exact style because we’re the type who knows what we don’t like more than what we like. We didn’t really have a theme that we followed, but we just wanted to throw a good party. We had 120 guests attend which was the perfect size for the venue, East Ivy Mansion.


Why did you choose East Ivy Mansion as your wedding venue?

We got married in June at East Ivy Mansion. We actually only looked at two venues before picking this one. Living in Nashville and knowing that we did not want a barn/farm/rustic wedding actually eliminated a majority of traditional wedding venues. By picking East Ivy Mansion, we were able to do everything at East Ivy Mansion from getting ready to the ceremony, reception, after-party, and where we spent our first night as a married couple. We loved the backdrop of the gardens and the mansion for photos and the pool area for the reception. It was also great that we could stay on-site that night with our closest friends.

East Ivy Mansion Wedding Ceremony

Describe your East Ivy Mansion ceremony, what made it unique/special?

We had a short, simple, and sweet ceremony. We found our officiant on the internet just like we found each other. Our ceremony was nondenominational and we wanted to keep it lighthearted. With the ceremony being outside in June, you never know and we didn’t want to torture any of our guests by making them sit through a long ceremony in the heat.

Nashville Wedding Ceremony

Describe your East Ivy Mansion reception, what made it unique/special?

The reception was the main focus of our wedding planning. Mike and I decided to have a buffet set up for dinner, and have the tables arranged around the pool. We had a DJ instead of a band, and I think that fit our music style more. We ended up having couches surrounding the dance floor, and one of the main bars was also close to the dance floor. Because of this setup, it led people to hang out in one area instead of staying at their tables the whole night, which created a great atmosphere.

East Ivy Mansion Pool

Describe the flowers used for your floral arrangements

The flowers kept with the theme of light and airy pinks and whites with hints of greenery. Thankfully, with an outdoor venue that has it’s own gardens and greenery around the venue, we did not have to do too much with flowers.

Wedding Florals

What was the inspiration for your wedding cake or what did you love about it?

Our wedding cake came from Baked on 8th, which is a local bakery near our house that we love and frequent far too often. We had actually gotten what ended up being the flavor of our wedding many times before since they offer cake by the slice. Since we wanted a flavor of cake that was refreshing for a summertime wedding, we had a lemon cake with cream cheese frosting. For cake decorations, we wanted it to be simple and elegant. We ended up having the bakery use gold leaf and real flowers provided by our florist so they matched the other floral arrangements.

Describe the favors for your guests and why you chose these.

Mike makes the best chocolate chip cookies. Since he is a champ, he made over 300 cookies from scratch in the days leading up to our wedding to give out to guests as they left. We picked these because no one is ever mad about getting a cookie at the end of the night.

What was your favorite part/memory of the day?

Mike- The first look. It was obviously the first time I had gotten to see Leslie in her wedding dress (which she threatened was pink with poofy sleeves for the entire time of planning which thankfully it wasn’t). She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I was so overwhelmed and happy, and I’m so glad that we did a first look so I could get all of my crying out ahead of time. It was memorable because I was there with my best friend hanging out taking cute pictures all over the venue.

Leslie- I can’t top Mike’s sweet answer. He always manages to out-sap me. One of my favorite parts of the day was our first dance, more on that below. I also loved getting to spend time with all of our friends who are usually never in the same place at once. One of my favorite memories of the day was the after-party. It was so much fun to keep the day going in a more casual setting. And the pizza from Five points didn’t hurt.

What was your first dance song and why?

Our first dance was “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake. At the time, JT was one of the only concerts we had been to together and we both love him. When we were in Paris after Mike proposed, we were talking about wedding plans and our first dance. “Mirrors” was one of the songs that came up. Mike played it on his phone and was belting it out at the top of his lungs (he’s not the greatest singer). I for some reason was bawling my eyes out, so we knew it was the right song. We found someone on Groupon who did dance lessons, which was supposed to be a few lessons just to learn some steps and not look like total idiots. This somehow turned into a full-on choreographed first dance complete with spins, dips, and lifts. The fact that we actually pulled it off was shocking and so much fun.

What is one piece of advice you have for another bride trying to plan her wedding?

Have fun with the whole process. The time planning flies by and the wedding will be there and over before you know it. Everyone tells you the day flies by, and it’s insane how quickly it all goes. Things will go wrong the day of and there is nothing you can do about it. So just roll with it and try to relax. We can guarantee that none of your guests will notice the little imperfections that you see.

Take photos with friends and family! We had told our photographers that we loved candid photos, and they all were amazing, but we don’t have that many photos with our guests actually posing and smiling. Be sure to take lots of pictures with friends and family during the reception! Also, have a written list of photos you want beforehand. I had that list in my head and was sure I would remember it all, but the day is such a blur that you’re bound to forget something. Hire an amazing videographer. This was something we were on the fence about, but we love our wedding videos and watch them all of the time still.

Wedding couple

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