In this wedding story, I talk with Erika about her and Brian’s ceremony at The Cathedral of the Incarnation in Nashville, wedding choices, and a little bit about their story!



How did you and Brian meet?

We met on a dating app during the pandemic! Thanks, Hinge 😜


What was your first date?

Brian was about to move to Tennessee but was still living in North Carolina when we first met. We had been FaceTiming every day for about a month, and I decided to take a chance and fly to Raleigh, NC, so we could finally meet in person. Brian picked me up from the airport and it was like we had known each other for years. We drove to Wilmington beach and ate ice cream and Brian’s gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches all weekend. After that, we met in Asheville every couple of weeks until Brian moved to Tennessee!


How did Brian propose?

We were both traveling to North Carolina for a couple of months. I took a travel nurse job, and Brian also had to go to NC for work. We stopped in Asheville to have a nostalgic weekend at one of our favorite places. We were hiking the same hike we went on during our first trip to Asheville, and Brian asked me to marry him.


What was the vision for your wedding, the style/color/theme? How many guests?

We wanted a fun/boho type wedding with natural greens, golds, and oranges. We had about 150 guests.


Why did you choose your wedding venue?

Our ceremony venue was at the Cathedral of the Incarnation and the reception venue was close to home, so that was special to us. We always go down to the river where the venue is to walk our dog and watch the sunsets.


Describe your Cathedral of the Incarnation wedding ceremony and what made it unique/special?

We had a Catholic ceremony in a beautiful place. The Cathedral of the Incarnation is absolutely beautiful. All of our families and friends were there from near and far.

Describe your reception and what made it unique/special?

Our reception was a total dance party – McKenna style. I love dancing (could you tell?) and Brian and I have so much fun together. Our reception was so much fun. We had some pretty awesome touches, like the vintage phone guestbook, cookie bar, and handwritten letters that we read before Brian deployed. Our wedding was the best day!


Describe the flowers used for your floral arrangements.

My mom actually made my bouquet and flower arrangement. She actually stopped on the side of the road to pick part of the flowers very creatively. I loved it!


What was the inspiration for your wedding dessert, or what did you love about it?

Cookies are our absolute favorite dessert, so we had a custom-made tower cookie cake. Amazing!!!


Describe the favors for your guests and why you chose these.

I like to paint in my free time, so I painted a flower on a postcard and hand-wrote notes for each guest. I knew the day would be hectic and knew we might not be able to talk to everyone, and I thought this was an excellent way to show our guests how happy we were that they were able to spend the day with us.


What was your favorite part/memory of the day?

Dancing at the reception! Also, I had a moment right before I walked down the aisle where I was completely alone in silence, and I got to just sit and take it all in. I thought it was a special moment because my wedding day was something I had thought about my entire life. In that moment, I was like, “Wow. My husband and wedding day are more amazing than I ever could have imagined.”


What was your first dance song, and why?

All I know by William Prince. When we met, we would listen to this song during our hiking trips to Asheville.


What is one piece of advice you have for another couple planning their wedding?

This is your day! Do what YOU want and what will mean the most to you two. Take a moment to be alone and take it all in because it goes fast, so really be intentional about being in the moment!


The vendor team that made it all possible!

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