Caitlin Steva | Caitlin Steva Photography

January 2, 2021

Time to chat with another one of my favorite Nashville wedding photographers! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Caitlin Steva at a few weddings, and it’s been a pleasure every time! She is very accommodating in being sure we both get the shots we need, she puts her couples at ease, and her work is incredible!

Tell me a little about yourself.

I’m a Nashville-based wedding and elopement photographer. I’m continually amazed and blessed that I get to wake up each day and do what I love, and I’m so excited to share that passion with others. Documenting other’s lives, love, and inherent beauty is something that brings me so much joy. When I’m not photographing weddings, there’s a good chance you’ll find me traveling somewhere new, hiking or backpacking with friends & my pup Oakley, or alternating between rewatching The Office/Parks & Rec and binging on podcasts while I edit photos. Or more recently, trying to keep a large array of plants alive.

How would you describe your photography style, both aesthetically and the way you document the day?

My lifelong love for the outdoors, travel, and the wild beauty of nature plays a big part in my photography. I incorporate as much natural goodness and available light as possible in my work, and I’m always seeking to find that perfect balance between artist and storyteller, capturing raw emotion and real moments with creative vision.

Who is your ideal client/couple?

Two people who love each other and are totally excited about spending the rest of their lives together. A love for adventuring and getting into nature is a nice bonus, but at the end of the day, I’m passionate about capturing real love and authentic moments no matter the location.

What question do you get asked most often by inquiring couples? What is your answer?

Almost every couple says at some point, in some way, “We’re not models, and we’re nervous about being photographed — is that going to be ok?” And my answer is, if you love each other and love spending time with each other, you’re going to be totally fine! My style and approach has so much less to do with nailing a pose and so much more to do with fostering comfort, connection, and fun that will let your love shine and your nerves melt away. I’m very intentional about giving plenty of guidance as needed, but also trying to allow for those moments of comfort and intimacy where you’re fully yourselves.

What is your biggest tip for couples both during their planning process and after the big day?

Make your plans, do your best to account for all the details, and delegate all the tasks if you don’t have a planner to do it for you. On the wedding day, let it all go and immerse yourself in the day and all its moments, even the ones that don’t go exactly as planned (with the right mindset that’s often where some of the best memories are made!) After the big day, when it comes to your wedding photos, I am such a big believer in making sure you have some physical copies to display and enjoy. You’ve invested in getting great photos, don’t just let them sit on a hard drive somewhere! Order a couple of prints for your wall or an album for your coffee table that you can flip through whenever you want!

Where can people find you and what’s the next step to booking you? — send me a note through the contact page so that I can send you all the good info, and we can start the conversation!

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