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David Weflen is not only an amazing photographer, but an awesome person as well. Whether he’s making you laugh with his Instagram stories, capturing your day with high energy, or bringing the dance moves to your reception, David is sure to be the life of the party. Tell me a little about yourself. Hey there! […]


In this blog post, I talk with Elizabeth Ratliff about this Dickson, TN wedding venue- The Ruskin. Elizabeth, who is the main photographer as well as social media manager for The Ruskin walks me through a lot of the amenities this venue has to offer its couples.

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The Ruskin Bride


Working with Christina Logan and her company, Christina Logan Design, is always a pleasure. Every wedding I’ve worked with her has flowed very smoothly! In this Wild Fern Weddings blog post, she goes over the value she brings her clients and their luxury wedding days.

Time to chat with another one of my favorite Nashville wedding photographers! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Caitlin Steva at a few weddings, and it’s been a pleasure every time! She is very accommodating in being sure we both get the shots we need, she puts her couples at ease, and her work is incredible!


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Showing up to Mike & Leslie’s wedding at East Ivy Mansion was jaw-dropping. From the elegant venue to the details arranged by Christina (Christina Logan Design), it was BEAUTIFUL! Whether it was the manicured garden or the mansion itself, there were plenty of beautiful areas to capture photos and video. View East Ivy Mansion’s website […]

Nashville wedding venue East Ivy Mansion

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nashville wedding planner, The New Eclectic, and they were fantastic! The day went by very smoothly, and they were extremely nice and all-around cool people! Professionalism is the most important thing when choosing vendors, but personality is a very close second. Alex and Izzi both have awesome personalities […]


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