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March 1, 2021

I worked with Asher of Asher & Emily Photography on Cody & Molly’s wedding last Fall, and it was a blast. Asher was one of the kindest people I’ve ever been around and was very considerate of Cody & Molly’s needs. One of my favorite things that Asher did was tell Cody and Molly to take 5 minutes after their first look (you know, because we had time due to an amazing team) to really just soak it all in and not worry about posing for pictures. We walked a short distance away and just discussed travel plans for upcoming elopements we both had while Cody & Molly wiped tears and lived in the moment. I think this was incredibly special to the couple and let them experience the moment much more authentically.

Asher and Emily

Tell me a little about yourselves.

We’re Asher & Emily, a super-duper in love couple based out of East Tennessee that rarely shoots weddings in East Tennessee 😂 We have been married for 4 years, shooting weddings full time together for 5! We rarely say no to pizza, we have a dog and cat that we like more than people, and our favorite hobby is exploring new places together/traveling


How would you describe your photography style, both aesthetically and the way you document the day?

Aesthetically: vibrant, dark, warm Our style: photojournalistic and candid – we prefer to shoot the day as is without doing a ton of super cheesy poses.

Who is your ideal client/couple?

Couples who stay true to themselves throughout the whole wedding process. Couples who use their wedding day to start new traditions, tell the story of who they are as a couple, and just love each other a whole bunch all the way through.


What question do you get asked most often by inquiring couples? What is your answer?

Does every wedding collection come with both Asher & Emily? The answer: No, only our top collection comes with both of us, and that’s usually based on Emily’s availability (she models full time and is a yoga instructor)

What is your biggest tip for couples both during their planning process and after the big day?

Don’t let people plan it for you and make decisions that aren’t what you truly want. Stay true to yourself, be a little selfish, and take full control in making sure that your day turns out exactly how you want it to.


Where can people find you and what’s the next step to booking Asher & Emily Photography? – fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you supah fast!


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