The Cordelle Wedding | Nashville, TN | Anna & Brad

April 21, 2020

The Cordelle Wedding

     Being a part of Anna & Brad’s wedding at The Cordelle was AMAZING! If you’ve read our Venue & Vendor Recommendations blog post, then you know The Cordelle is one of our favorite venues to film at. Not only was it one of our favorite venues, but Anna & Brad were so sweet and their love truly shined on everyone that day.

Words from the bride

How did you both meet? High school (: Brad was a football player/baseball player. I was a cheerleader/Softball Player. How we actually met for the first time is still up for discussion. Brad says it was after a football game. Anna says it was in the courtyard after school.

What was your first date? We went to the movies! We saw The Second Twilight Film New Moon. Brad was so nervous to try to hold Anna’s hand. She could sense his nervousness and instead of making him suffer just went ahead and grabbed his hand!

How did Brad propose? On Christmas Eve (When Anna’s family opens presents) Brad proposed after everyone finished exchanging gifts. Brad is shy, so this was very unexpected for him to propose in front of a crowd of people. Anna was dressed in reindeer leggings and an ugly sweater barl crawl t-shirt. LOL!

What was the vision for your wedding, the style/color/theme? How many guests? My vision was romantic, winter, candlelit. The colors were blush/burgundy/wine with navy. I love different textures and the simplicity of winter candlelit weddings. It is so beautiful without needing a ton of “fluff”. Our goal was 150 guests, and I think 149 actually came!

Bridal photos at The Cordelle

Why did you choose your wedding venue? We wanted to be downtown so the party could continue on Broadway after the ceremony. We also LOVE exposed brick and knew that it would add to the ambiance. Not to mention Anna fell in love with the Bridal Suite.

Describe your ceremony, what made it unique/special? The ceremony was special in so many ways. Since we were not getting married at a church, it was extra important to find ways to make God the center of the ceremony. We had a handmade cross as our backdrop, some bible readings, and Anna’s mom and Aunt sang “Faithful Till The End,” a praise and worship song, in the middle of the ceremony. Everyone who was involved in the music for the ceremony were close family friends, and they blew it out of the water. People are still talking about the pianist’s voice! We didn’t want the ceremony to only last 10 minutes, since that is supposed to be the reason for gathering. So we added these special touches to add more time and value into the ceremony.

Describe your reception, what made it unique/special? There was a lot of dancing, and we attribute this to the band and alcohol! Our goal for the wedding was to throw one heck of a party, and we envisioned a packed dance floor. Well this happened immediately and we couldn’t have been happier. It was a blast. Top Tier Band is incredible. Since we wanted to keep the party going, we did all of the speeches at the rehearsal dinner. Every time we go to a wedding, we miss the speeches or are having to much fun to realize they are even going on. We’re definitely glad that we didn’t force the party to stop for everyone to listen to speeches.

Describe the flowers used for your floral arrangements. Since Anna wanted to spend more on a band, flowers weren’t really a priority. Greenery is much cheaper than flowers, and it still looks GORGEOUS. Since the bridesmaids were all mismatched, having a clean green pallet of eucalyptus was the perfect bouquet to prevent it form looking too busy. The Bride’s bouquet did have some white, blush, and burgundy flowers for a little something extra. Anna liked the more wildflower and messy look instead of a neat small bouquet. The coolest part of the bouquet was a charm to honor Anna’s father that passed away. It had a picture of him, a blue peal for her ‘something blue”, and a note saying “Dad, you walk beside me everyday.”

Wedding charm of a loved one

What was the inspiration for your wedding cake or what did you love about it? Brad’s mom always makes us Red Velvet Cake when we come home to visit, and Anna liked that the color of the cake matched their color pallet! We chose to use a simple sign that read ‘Always and Forever’ since that is one of our favorite endearing phrases.

What was your favorite part/memory of the day? Our favorite part of the day was having all of our favorite people in one place. That will NEVER happen again, and it was so cool to have every person you love in one room. Our equally favorite part was having time to take pictures just us up in the loft after the ceremony. The day goes by so fast, so it was nice to have a few minutes alone to soak it all in. We just kept saying “I can’t believe we are married. We have been waiting for so long.”

Wedding reception

What was your first dance song and why? Sweetheart by Thomas Rhett. Thomas Rhett is Anna’s favorite singer. It also just describes their relationship perfectly. Brad always comments that he loves waking up to Anna, especially her crazy hair in the morning which is how the song starts out. Anna also has a major sweet tooth, so they love the line that says “Your sweet like chocolate, and hot like sirracha” and then later says “I love how your making my blood sugar rise!” It just has a lot of sweet lines in the song.

What is one piece of advice you have for another bride trying to plan her wedding? Do not stress. About anything. Seriously. The day is about marrying your best friend and having everyone you love watching. The day will be perfect no matter what. Who cares if the groom throws up the night before, or someone is wearing the wrong shoes, or if you have to use plastic plates instead of china. No one remembers that stuff. Just enjoy it. (:

The Vendors

Venue: The Cordelle

Coordinator: Gather & Heart Event Co.

Photography: Matt Adams

Videography: Wild Fern Weddings

Band: Top Tier Band

Catering: Bacon & Caviar

Dress: White Lace & Promises

Tux/Suit: Men’s Wearhouse

Rentals: Southern Events